Monday, 4 February 2019

Telegram Group Rules for Web2Apk App

Hi All,

Please read very carefully till the end of this passage.

  • This group specially created for the people who need support from web2apk team.
  • Free users and the people who purchased the app both will be applicable for communicate in this group.
  • I have an 9-5 professional job and my family, so i  will reply to every users at my can expect an reply within two days from me.

Do's : 

  • Anyone  can send their suggestions and issues in the group.
  • Screenshots are allowed to send the issues.
  • Video Recorded files are allowed to send in the group.
  • Be polite and Get the good response.Please understand my situation too.

Dont's :

  • Don't use this group for marketing purposes.
  • Dont share your generated APL's unless it's asked by admin.
  • Marketing Promotions/irrlavent contents and harsh communication users will be removed same day without any notification.
Note :

All the information are mentioned here roght to change at any time without prior notifications or update.

Group Link :

Group Moderators :

I am looking for an people who interested to support others and help their issues in your free time .

We will provide an priority support to you people and award the free coupons for our app.

Group Moderators can get the exclusive access of Telegram chat.

Thanks for your support and patience.

Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Next App Update -1st week of Feb

Feb 1st week Update: 

The below features are planned to add in the app based on your suggestions.

  • Mobile and Desktop version.
  • Rate Now feature in Generated app
  • +Button Navigate Left or Right
  • Opening notification inside the app
  • Latest Target SDK version
  • Android os 9 file upload fix
  • App write issue fix for first time crashes.

Feb End or March: 

  • Sidebar Navigation
  • Custom keystore
  • Tawak chat widget.

Let me know if you want any more fearufea via comments.


Web2Apk Pro Sevice Stop for APK Generation

Hi All,

I am Sathya ,chennai based software engineer,India

I started this web2apk pro project to help others with apk generation at low cost .

So many people suggested new ideas and solutions for improve the app.

 The same way almost we done our best.

I got friends all around the world and its ny very new app.

I am really happy who toasted me in review comments for our hardwork.i can see few good comments too.

I want to thank you all kind of users who supported till date.

I feel this is the right time to quit the paid app and begin the same project as Free android app with inapp purchase for generate the apk.

More features are adding in the free app.

I know few of the existing users shared purchase order for the paid app.

I don't want to disappoint you people ,so I wil add option in our free app  to continue the same service for exiting users.

Our app company is facing financial issues for the next set of app development and server kind of things for apk generation.

If anyone interested to contribute even smaller amount to our app in financially then please connect with me .

PayPal Id :
Tez: +91938422038
Email :

So far whatever i earned ,spended for server and app development.

I am even ready to make this project complete free with amazing features if i get some enough fund for our cloud server.

Once  again Thank You All.

All the notification will be updated in this blog.

I will add subscription fearufe soon here.

Sathya-Stay Simple.