Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Web2Apk Pro Sevice Stop for APK Generation

Hi All,

I am Sathya ,chennai based software engineer,India

I started this web2apk pro project to help others with apk generation at low cost .

So many people suggested new ideas and solutions for improve the app.

 The same way almost we done our best.

I got friends all around the world and its ny very new app.

I am really happy who toasted me in review comments for our hardwork.i can see few good comments too.

I want to thank you all kind of users who supported till date.

I feel this is the right time to quit the paid app and begin the same project as Free android app with inapp purchase for generate the apk.

More features are adding in the free app.

I know few of the existing users shared purchase order for the paid app.

I don't want to disappoint you people ,so I wil add option in our free app  to continue the same service for exiting users.

Our app company is facing financial issues for the next set of app development and server kind of things for apk generation.

If anyone interested to contribute even smaller amount to our app in financially then please connect with me .

PayPal Id :
Tez: +91938422038
Email :

So far whatever i earned ,spended for server and app development.

I am even ready to make this project complete free with amazing features if i get some enough fund for our cloud server.

Once  again Thank You All.

All the notification will be updated in this blog.

I will add subscription fearufe soon here.

Sathya-Stay Simple.


  1. Ready to listen all your suggestions and comments here.

  2. What are your server requirements?

  3. Can you please email me or share your email.i will give you the details.its also related to avoid ddos attack.

    Thanks for reading notification and commented.

  4. Very very bad. It's not been even few months I heard about your app.

    I read on quora that there was a free version and pro version, but later there was only a paid version of app and I purchased it.

    Didn't even tested and here comes an update that pro is longer supported.

    Your app seems good but you are changing the plans quickly. I purchased pro version to avail all features, if you change or restrict anything to me. Then it's not all fair.

    1. The pro is no longer supported .Thats true but did you noticed that ,i will give access to paid app users exclusively in the our upcoming app.

      The app link for free and paid app was placed long back and so many issues i removed the free app link.

      So kindly read it clearly and update .

      We are not going to support paid version but in the upcoming free app with in app purchase,you can get the complete access freely .

      Any issues here?

      If you can support contribute smaller amount even 1Rs.

      I am not the guy who is cheat to users and theft their money.still date i am paying to server more than earning.

      It's all because of the users like you and fixing as much issues to support you.

      Sometimes the issue fix wikl take time and i never said,i won't do fix and improve.

      I am running this app for helping small business people who want basic app presented in playstore.

      Thanks for your support.

      If anyone feels i am cheating you and not listening your suggestions then you can raise in the comments section.i am interested to help you as much i can.

      Sometimes i can't reply immediately becaybe i am also doing the 9-5 job here with family commitment.

      I will try my best to support you all apart from this and as much as i can.


  5. No sir, I understand and respect your valuable work. The app you built is very useful and time saver for me.

    But if you are planning to extend it as a business, better if we stick with a long term plan.

    Yes I read that pro version will have option to access all features and very thankful for that.

    Your app is worth more then the amount you are asking from us.

    Please don't get discouraged and dont stop the development. I run my business even in losses once started if it interests me.

  6. Good luck and expecting good work from you

  7. Unexpected. Pls don't take this same decision after you relaunch with in-app purchase version too. Because, its not good for healthy business.

  8. it means present app not working??? I recently use your app for testing, now it deactive?

  9. Brother I buy pro apps . If you cancel it how can we continue

    1. I have solution to keep it .i will give coupons for Unlimited plan in in app model who already purchased.

  10. Our telegram group for updates