Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Next App Update -1st week of Feb

Feb 1st week Update: 

The below features are planned to add in the app based on your suggestions.

  • Mobile and Desktop version.
  • Rate Now feature in Generated app
  • +Button Navigate Left or Right
  • Opening notification inside the app
  • Latest Target SDK version
  • Android os 9 file upload fix
  • App write issue fix for first time crashes.

Feb End or March: 

  • Sidebar Navigation
  • Custom keystore
  • Tawak chat widget.

Let me know if you want any more fearufea via comments.



  1. Great News Brother!
    Can Existing Uses Able To Custome Key Store..

  2. Bro, We need some option.
    1- Now we can add 1 website link . But we need more url link add option.

    2- Native Adsense Ad options ( you can set custom Native Setting for all User like ad size )

    3- Video download options ( like -Videoder video download app + video download helper 7.3.5 ) options .

    4- link copy options . Share option.
    5- you can build your own apps store for published apps from generated your app.

    1. 1.yee in the second update i am keeping the extra links option.

      2.second update it will come ,bbecause currently we occupied in free app making.
      3.sorry video download option not possible.because people use this app as downloader app for illegal and non copyrighted things.we are trying to protect users to create non copyrighted things ti make an app.
      4.Not getting?
      5.Yes after the 2nd uodate then i will launch the playstore k9jd of app store specifically for web app.

  3. Native Video ad is a big earnings. Please add this option for customer.

    Suggestions - you can increase your earnings by put 50% advertisement ment options for free apps use app . Where free user + you 50%+50% advertisement for earnings like Appsguiser .

    1. I dont want to take any earning from users.sorry bro.

      Because it's your hard work.

    2. Salute on this answer, Sir.

      I request all users to contribute voluntarily for this noble cause.

      It is extremely essential to support generous people like Mr. Sathya to help him continue this mission in this materialistic world.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I am existing pro user . How can I use your future premium apps . Can you tell me bro .

  5. No need to worry .i can help you .

    Conatct me vuavwhatsapp.

  6. Please give me your whats app number

  7. Hi.. I already purchased your pro version of web2apk.. So, what can i do to still use your app?

    1. You can still download the app I guess if you have Purchased.anyway this will also work tonight maximum.

      We gave so many alerts for users my the app and app services closure.

      I am really sorry to hear this.But good news is nearly Feb 8th we will release new version with free download.

      U can download freely and generate the app using in-app purchases.

      I will give an promo code to continue,so no worries.

    2. Thank you.. I'll wait for the new version. But, if that is free download, what can we get as a pro user in earlier version?

  8. Will making of the our app be free ?
    2. why can't you publish Web2apk builder again on play store. I am a premium user ����
    3. Can you make a whatsapp group or telegram group for all web2apk builder users .

  9. 1.yes making it as free app
    2.Again publishopu on this weekend I believe.
    3.i will make an WhatsApp group sure.

  10. Hi ,

    Everyone please join this telegram group for they support for our web2apk project and updates .

    The group is strictly for only web2apk support and app monetization discussion .

    Member will be removed when posting with the markeftin related contents.

    You are not allowed to share your app details for prokoprom purpisp in group .

    I will write the group rules seperately in other post.

  11. Use the below link to join :

  12. Good, togetherness things become very easy,